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August 2012 - New Olympics in London News Stephanie Rice will be appearing the Olympics this year in London 2012, she is set to be a star in several swimming events. Sexy new Stephanie Rice Image 2012:

Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan are back together.

Well not back together as going out but they are back together
for a new underwear campaign for davenport undies.

The couple who split up just before the start of the 2008 Olympics say their just
out to have fun with each other Stephanie rice is a huge marketing
dream with many companies jumping to try and get her on board
she is a house hold name in Australia. With companies like sun rice jumping
at the chance to have Stephanie as a brand ambassador for the
company. Stephanie rice has a new boyfriend a fellow
swimming named Ashley Delaney.


Eamon said that the current shoot has been the most fun to date.


Stephanie rice finished a un lucky 2nd place and received a silver medal in

the world champion ship swimming event in Rome Italy today, Sure she didn't get gold

but she looked great out of the pool and in it, hopefully she can get a gold in some up coming races.



Stephanie rice is suffering from a infection before her up coming races in
the world championships in Italy Rome. Stephanie rice has cancelled all
her media work to recover. She has hasnt missed a session yet but she is
still not feeling the best.
Rice has not had the best preperation after the the Olympics seeing her
take a huge break and have a party schedual. Rice was in arizona USA
recently aswell to help boost her performance before the world
championships. Rice knows she will need to be at her best to beat
the strong competition. We will keep you posted on how she performs.

21st April 2009



Stephanie rice stars in the new sun rice add,

well it was noted to happen and stephanie rice

has a key role in the new sun rice commercials which

have aired on TV in australia.

Stepahnie is looking sexy as in the pool scene.

A great brand ambasadtor for sun rice.


24th February 2009

I am not a party girl any more says Stephanie rice.

Stephanie rice is sick of people referring to her as a party girl,
she said all the negative talk is just fueling her to have a more
competitive drive and achieve more goals.

Rice claims that she had not been out and partied since Christmas 2008
she said she is taking a more serious image and attitude toward
her swimming these days.

Rice is still pulling the commercial bandwagon to shooting a sun rice
commercial today a fitting image for Stephanie rice who will be a great model
for the product.

14th October 2008 -


Stephanie rice has a new tatoo for ever placed on her arm to remind her of the 2008 Olympics sucess.





14th September 2008

Stephanie Rice's mystery guy has been revealed and it comes as little surprise he is another hottie swimmer.
Steph Rice who is just 20 stunned on lookers at a trendy bar on Thur night when she cuddled up on a couch for a heated pashing session with a man described only as very built.
But now the mystery hunk has been revealed as her long-time training partner Brendan Chapel.
Chapel who is 23 looked a little surprised by the attention when he was snapped at the club The Loft with the golden girl.


August 29th 2012


Eamon sulivan and Stephanie rice were at it again signing autographs for fans in shopping centers to promote the brand davenport. Their were huge lines to support the product launches of the daven port brand and some fans were left quite red faced and angry whent hey were to find out that they would not be aloud signatures on any thing non davenport by steph rice and eamon. One fan even jumped the line to grab a handful of products but was not aloud back in and left in tears.



26th August 2008

Stephanie rice and katie hoff the usa swim babe have been seen partying in bejing, the two girls wearing sexy outfits have been spotted at heaps of hot china night spots.


Stephanie rice and Micheal phelps have also been spotted partying, the two have also been apparetying kissing at a party in the athletes village according to media sources. The two were also spotted at a medai sponsor ship day where mike phelps took his shirt off for steph rice the aussie swim babe.


Micheal Phelps girlfriend


Finally davenport underwear have had to re unite the aussie swim babes eamon Sullivan and Stephanie rice who broke up for the Olympics, the two have a 4 day Australian tour and also many autography signings in all the popular Australian cities a very busy few weeks are ahead for the swimming sensations.


August 19th 2008

Time for Stephanie to Cash in Big time

Stephanie rice is apparently worth millions according to head marketing people,
Stephanie rice shot to stardom after winning 3 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics,
along with Stephanie's stunning looks and great personality she is very marketable to any one
who is willing to spend money on a advertising campaign based on Stephanie rice.
Michael Phelps may be wroth 100s of millions to billions in terms of advertising expenditure
but our Stephanie rice is defiantly going to cash in on her success and make millions.

Magazines such as new idea and also women's day have already places Stephanie rice on the cover, how often do you see a girl on the cover just for winning a swimming race.
Stephanie rice is hot property at the moment and if your looking to get your company branded by Stephanie rice I would defiantly be spending some money on her as I can see your company earning allot of valuable promotion via Stephanie rice. Eamon Sullivan Stephanie's ex boy friend is said to make a healthy sum out of his silver medals and also bronze but no where in the same vicinity as Stephanie rice who will break the bank also overtaking Grant Hacket as Australians most popular swimming idol and also one of Australians most popular athletes.

August 14th 2008

wins gold medal for Australia in a great race to beat of katie hoff from the US.

She also won here second gold beating katy coventary. Very good results for this babe stephanie rice.



steph on pole looking sexy


Stephanie rice on chair looking real cute


Stephanie Rice


no make up steph rice is hot nude naked babe






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